Custom Work Shirts

are you looking for a fresh new look for your workplace?

We here at Bucking Shirts can help. We can provide options like individually named & printed shirts both back, front and on some designs, sleeves! (with a price ofcourse) 

How much does it cost?

To get an accurate quote, we will need some details from you...

  1. How many shirts are you wanting?
  2. How many male cut and female cut shirts?
  3. How many sides are printed? (please email hi resolution images in any format to buckingshirts@gmail.com... Don't worry, we'll be able to format the image to our specs)
  4. An idea in centimeters of how big you want the design on each side?

But... won't you have your branding on the shirts?

Nahhhhh, we're not like that. Any custom workplace shirts are completely whiteline (advertising free). Afterall, you're buying these shirts to advertise YOUR business... not ours. 

Ok ok, all sounds well and good... but what about turn around time?

That all depends on the number of shirts being ordered, but generally 3-7 business day turn around, with a 1-3 day shipping time as all of our shirts are printed right here from our warehouse in Queensland. 

What about payment?

Once you are happy with your proof design, we will send you an invoice. Once payment has cleared, we will send your design to the printers and get our whips cracking.


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